Date: Sunday, September 23, 2018

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Place: Harbour City Theatre (25 Victoria Rd., Nanaimo)

Rehearsals: Sundays 10am to 4pm, Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30pm to 10pm. Actors will only be called to rehearsals when needed.

Email: info(at)  to secure an audition spot

what to expect: Please be prepared to show off your talents.  Actors will be given a script for a cold reading at the audition. We will also ask you to sing a small excerpt from your favourite traditional Christmas carol.  If you play an instrument, please bring it along to play for us. 

Casting Needs:

We are looking for Actors from 8 - 80+ years to perform 1 or more character roles for this locally written adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

CLERK legal representative of the estate of Jacob Marley, 25+

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME a guide to show Scrooge what might happen, ageless

UNDERTAKER ensures body of Jacob Marley is properly interred in the graveyard, 25+

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT a guide to show Scrooge the world of now, ageless

CLERGYMAN performs the funeral of Jacob Marley, 45+

FEZZIWIG Scrooge’s first boss, well-to-do, well-fed, 45+

OLD EBENEZER SCROOGE a miserly old scratch, 50+

BOB CRATCHIT Scrooge’s personal assistant, 35+

FREDDIE Scrooge’s only nephew, the only family he has left in the world, mid-20s

 YOUNG MAN SCROOGE Ebenezer just after business school, early 20s

MR. KIND a well-to-do gentleman working for charitable causes, 30+

MR. COUNT a greedy, well-off businessman, 40+

MRS. SWEET an official for a local charity, 30+

MRS. FEZZIWIG Fezziwig’s beloved wife, 40+

MRS. GLUT a greedy, well-off businesswoman, 40+

MRS. CRATCHIT a fierce mother, and not afraid to speak her mind, 30+

MRS. DILBER Scrooge’s long-suffering housekeeper, 30+

TINY TIM a sickly boy with a heart of gold, 8ish

MARLEY’S GHOST the ghost of Scrooge’s old business partner, now dead, 60+

OLD JOE King of the Street Urchins, age undetermined

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST an ethereal guide to show Scrooge his past, ageless

BELINDA CRATCHIT the middle Cratchit daughter, 12ish

FANNY Ebenezer’s younger sister, 12ish

YOUNG BOY SCROOGE Ebenezer as a schoolboy, around 8 or 9

WILL CRATCHIT the youngest of the Cratchits, twins with Sarah, 7ish

TURKEY BOY a young boy who Scrooge addresses after his night of revelations, 9 or 10ish

TEENAGE SCROOGE Ebenezer as a teen, 15ish

PETER CRATCHIT the eldest Cratchit boy, 14ish

DICK WILKINS Scrooge’s good friend and co-apprentice, early 20s

TOPPER boyhood chum of Freddie, early 20s

CEDRIC Caroline’s husband, also rejoicing in the news of ‘Old Scratch’, 20s

BELLA a young woman, family friend of the Fezziwigs and Scrooge’s long lost love, early 20s

ELLIE Freddie’s wife, and pregnant, early 20s

SARAH CRATCHIT the youngest of the Cratchits, twins with Will, 7ish

MARTHA CRATCHIT the eldest Cratchit child, 18ish

LAURA friend of Freddie and Ellie, early 20s

CAROLINE a young woman rejoicing in the news of ‘Old Scratch’ being dead, 20s